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Editorial Policies

The Savart Journal is an open access online journal featuring peer reviewed research articles on all aspects of the science and technology of stringed musical instruments. Topics include instrument acoustics, psychoacoustics, preference testing, general physics of stringed musical instruments, geometry and proportion of instruments, manufacturing technology, etc. Research on materials, including finishing materials and adhesives is also appropriate for the journal. These are just a few examples of topics appropriate for the journal. All topics in science and technology as applied to bowed and/or plucked stringed musical instruments are suitable for inclusion.


The Articles section contains full length peer reviewed formal research articles. Articles in this section are archival and are fully indexed by Internet search engines. Article metadata are indexed by WorldCat, Google Scholar and other research article metadata indexing services.

Research Notes

The Research Notes section contains non-refereed letters and notes and other short and informal material. Submissions to this section are subject to editorial selection. Items in this section are archival and are fully indexed by Internet search engines. Item metadata are not indexed by research article metadata indexing services.


The journal is dedicated to providing fast, thorough, transparent and non-ambiguous peer review of submissions. We typically request two reviews of submitted work from appropriate subject matter experts. The review process generally takes two weeks. Results of the process include a clear statement on the acceptability of the submission. Submissions are marked as accepted, accepted with specified revisions, suggested revisions with the offer to resubmit, or rejected.

The journal makes use of anonymous peer review.

Reviewers are asked to judge submissions by general standards of scientific research. Stringed musical instruments represent a very narrow area of research and we understand that much work in this area is preliminary. We want to encourage research in this area, and we encourage submission of articles describing research at all levels. Well supported hypotheses, preliminary research with small sample populations, replication studies and studies with negative outcomes are all welcome. Reviewers are asked to judge whether the limitations of such studies are clearly stated. Reviewers are asked to make explicit publication recommendations, specifying if a paper should be accepted, accepted with suggested revisions, rejected but with specified revisions and an offer for authors to resubmit, or rejected. In the second two cases the reviewer is asked to provide a detailed list of requested revisions. Reviewers are also asked to provide general comments which may help improve the paper.

Research Notes

Items submitted to the Research Notes section are not subject to peer review. Authors submitting material to this section may request advisory review of their material.

Articles are published as soon as they have been accepted and may be added to the journal table of contents at any time. The journal does not hold articles for publication in individual issues. This makes new articles available for reading as soon as possible.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

All contents of the Savart Journal are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Article authors retain full copyright to their work.

The Savart Journal is an online-only journal, ISSN 2160-2972.


The Savart Journal is published in collaboration with the Guild of American Luthiers.

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