Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I help out the Savart Journal?

A: The journal is an all volunteer effort and there are many ways you can help. Probably the most basic way is to provide a link to the journal from your own website and/or from Internet discussion groups and social media pages. Links to the journal help make sure it and the articles published here are fully indexed by search engines like Google. Folks who do research in areas covered by the journal can also help by submitting their articles here and by volunteering as peer reviewers.


Q: How can I find out when a new article is published to the journal?

A: We provide article publication notification via email and RSS feed. The notification blocks can be found in the right column near the bottom of the page. Click on one of the feed types (ATOM or RSS) and your browser will create an active bookmark which will always contain the title of the most recently published article. Or sign up for email notification.


Q: The most recently published article was published a while ago. Is the journal still in operation?

A: We serve a very narrow research niche and there isn't a lot of research activity in this area. Articles are published as they are received and reviewed and there are often long periods between publication of articles, reflecting the rate at which we receive articles. The journal is very much in operation.