Investigation of Play-Wear Damage on Steel Music Strings Using Atomic Force Microscope and Low Level Resistance Method

Ferhat Bülbül, Tevhit Karacali


The strings of stringed musical instruments are subject to both reciprocating sliding wear due to contact with the player’s fingers and repetitive impact with a plectrum, therefore, they gradually lose their brilliance and responsiveness. Nevertheless, there has been almost no scientific investigation about the effects of play-wear on music strings and its determination. In this study, the investigation of play-wear on the strings of C1085 steel wire was performed using the lute-like Bağlama stringed instrument. The wear loss of the strings was investigated using atomic force microscopy and the low level resistance measurement method. Increasing the number of wear cycles increased the surface roughness and material removal, identified by increased electrical resistance of the strings. The increase in the resistance and frequency were due to both a reduction and variations in the cross sectional area caused by wear. Cover Image

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Savart Journal

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  • Article published Jul 2, 2015.
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